Natural & Engineered Surfaces

Quality Delivered

What we do can be summed up neatly, "Natural & Engineered Surfaces at Market Competitive Prices." However, our story is a bit more complex than that. We came together from all corners of the business -purchasing, sales, operations and fabrication, with a common belief: Even in an industry awash in overcapacity and competition, there is still an opportunity for teams willing to operate under principles of excellence, honesty and innovation; Teams who deliver an exemplary customer/vendor experience, who represent their material accurately and who are dedicated to growing and evolving partnerships through collaboration. We're here to be a catalyst for change not only for ourselves but for customers and vendors alike.

Pietra Quartz

We are proud to be a Pietra Quartz Authorized Distributor.

Pietra combines the rarest and highest quality natural elements with exclusive state of the art manufacturing techniques and proprietary artistry to produce beautiful natural surfaces that evoke natural marble products, but possess the hardness, durability and performance of Quartz. Pietra is natural beauty that lasts. Pietra will always look as good as the day it was installed and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.